As brand had been built around for producing of pure Spices & Oil, pasteurized conversion of milk, ample emphasis has been given to the development of true and excellent products and hence taste and flavors.

Extensive research has been carried on further promotion & development. Experts at Greenage are constantly experimenting with ingredients and seasoning to create products that will delight people in complying new ways.


Our products are marketed by Greenage Food Products Ltd. under the brand name .

  Spices Category  

Cumin Powder (Ground Jeera): 10gm, 50 gm & 100 gm. Jeera has an aromatic, penetrating flavour, and is one of the main ingredients in most Indian dishes. As with all spices to retain freshness & flavour store in an airtight container, in a cool dry place.

Coriander Powder (Ground Dhania): 10gm, 50 gm & 100 gm. This aromatic spice has a pungent, slightly lemony flavour. The powder is an important constituent of a mixture of curry spices & is used extensively in Indian cooking.

Chilli Powder: 10gm, 50 gm & 100 gm. Ground from the finest & most pungent Chilies. Adds a hot flavour. It is a very popular spice used throughout the world.

Haldi Powder (Turmeric Powder) : 10gm, 50 gm & 100 gm.
This leads a wonderful, woody aroma and flavour to Vegetable, Meat, Poultry and other seafood dishes. Haldi is often used bersanal cere as well. Itís Golden Yellow colour and is also a basic ingredient of curry powder.

Garam Masala: 10gm, 50 gm & 100 gm. This is a blend of aromatic spices, Garam Masala can be used as a condiment sprinkle on snacks lick pakoras and samosas or as a blend with yoghurt to make an excellent garmish. It is often added to curries near the end of cooking add great flavour and aroma.

Mixed Masala

Egg Curry Masala

Fish Masala

Potato Curry Masala Chat Masala Vegetable Masala
Meat Masala Black Pepper Chicken Masala
Oil Category

Available: 500 ml. pouch & Both 1 lt. Pouch & Both 5 lt. Jar, 15 kg. Tin
Mustard Oil is healthy as it has 30% protein, calcium, phytins, phenolics and natural anti-oxidants. Mustard Oil contains high amount of mono-unsaturated fatty acids and a good ration of poly-unsaturated fatty acids, which is good for heart. Mustard Oil contains the least amount of saturated fatty acids, making it safe for heart patients.

Available: 500 ml. pouch & Both 1 lt. Pouch & Both 5 lt. Jar, 15 kg. Tin
The Soyabean has become the most important source of vegetable oil in the U.S. Quantity of beans crushed for oil averaged about 485 million bushels, 1964-66/producing 2,820,000 tons of oil. The oil is extracted either with solvents, hydraulic presses or experers, the latter two methods involving heating. Much soyabean oil is used as salad and cooking oil and for the manufacture of margarine.

  CTC Tea

Available: Tea: 50 gm/100 gm Pouch & 250 gm/2.5 kg Jar
PINCON CTC tea contains high quality tea leaves, properly withered and precisely machine-chopped into fine granular pieces, Scientifically packed to retain its aroma and keep it fresh and moisture-free for a long time. It steeps readily in 2 to 3 minutes and is ideal for blending. It can also be steeped in a fine nylon or steel mesh infuser, or a paper filter. Choose PINCON CTC tea for a quick brew, colorful liquor and refreshed Mood.

  Jam, Jelly & Pickels

Available: Pickles: 250 gm./ 500 gm. Jars
Made from hand-picked mangoes and specially prepared pure mustard oil, spices and mustard, PINCON Mango Pickles and Mango Kasundi are a delightful addition to every meal or snacks.

Prepared from best quality fruits under strict hygienic condition with the precise quantity of preservatives, these PINCON nutritious and tasty food supplements are a must for every day meal.


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